28 August 2010

Using Imagination and Creativity to Remember a List of things

As you probably know that there are lots of methods to improve our memory in such a way that we can remember a list of things (a least 10 things) in seconds. Actually, most of these methods are using both our imagination and creativity to link all things together. In other words, people who have both high imagination and creativity always have powerful memory.

Now, let's us to do a small experiment to justify this fact.

Experiment: Can you remember the ten things below within 30 seconds since you are going to buy them in the supermarket?

1. egg
2. vegetable
3. a small chair
4. plastic bag
5. pen
6. T-shirt
7. plant
8. hammer
9. vase
10. coca-cola

Do you find any difficulty to remember all the things? Well, let's assume you can both high imaginative and creative people, so you have tried to link all the things together within 30 seconds based on your imagination and creativity.

For example, this is a story I have created to link the ten things together.
When you open an egg, vegetable is come out from the egg and fall on a small chair. So, you decide to collect them using a plastic bag. A pen is used to label the plastic bag. But the ink of pen is spread on your T-Shirt. You are very angry and drop the T-shirt on a plant. But the plant is growing well, so you decide to cut the plant using a hammer and then put it inside a vase. The plant is thirsty in the vase, so you put some coca-cola in the vase instead of water.

After understand the whole story, write the 10 things now in a piece of paper based on your memory. I believe you can do it. To conclude, more practices you done, easier for you to remember a list of things based on this memory method. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Written by: Xaivier Chia

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