11 August 2010

6 Delightful Gift Ideas: Newborn Babies and Toddlers will Surely Love

Buying gifts for newborn babies and toddlers is easy but to choose something special and something that they will surely love certainly is not an ABC thing. To make sure you give the best gift, you should give something that is really appealing to the senses of the baby, something that the baby or parents need, or something that satisfies both. Below are some great ideas for you:

1. Look for some RBW items for newborn babies
A toy or decor (balls, baby mobile decors, flash cards, crib decors, and even socks) that has RBW (red, black, and white colors) is one of the greatest gifts since the contrasting colors of black and white are the first colors that babies can see, and later on, red. These colors attract babies a lot and also help for the baby's brain development.

2. Find some interesting costumes and accessories for toddlers
When toddlers are learning or starting to walk, it could be fascinating to dress them up, especially with their favourite characters. Therefore, costumes are just right for either boys or girls. Approach their parents for their favourite colors, animals or characters before buying costumes for them to make sure you got just the right thing. Attractive flexible, soft, and skid-resistant toddler shoe can be another best thing for them, if and only if you get the right size.

3. Care for some educational toys
Combination of toy and education is the best for toddlers. While playing, they learn. Fun for toddlers, good for parents. Educational toys such as wood puzzles, shape sorters, soft blocks, and stacking toys are some of the great options. However, it is critical to ensure that the toys are appropriate for their age.

4. Grab some unique toys
Since toddlers already start to explore with all their senses and respond to those who play with them, it could be great to buy them unique designed toys that stimulate their senses. Toys of these kinds include plush toys that giggle, laugh, and sing songs when pressed; animal toys that make silly sounds; crawling caterpillars; vibrating or shaking animals and musical bump-and-go toys. Play-pretend toys are more suitable for older toddlers.

Except for eyesight, all the other senses of newborn babies are good. Therefore, toys they can cuddle to sleep or they can hear like musical babies are preferred since these can soothe babies. However, these gifts could be very common, which makes unique design especially important here.

5. Give personalized gifts
Personalized gift not only shows your thoughfulness, it adds up the sincerity and memorableness. There are thousands of choices for personalized baby gifts. However, it is better to choose something that the baby or toddler can actually use. Personalized tag blankets, pillowcases, hooded bath towels, bibs, caps, and even a set of basic baby necessities are some of the options. A personalized diaper bag with a custom-made bag tag or a name patch that can be attached on the baby stroller is also another nice choice. Anyway, these personalized gifts should be decorated with colorful items or those that match the gender of the baby or the theme of the event.

6. Check out easy-to-make baby presents
If time permitted, easy-to-make baby presents is one way to give a really memorable gift. By searching online or from magazines, you can actually make a really practical and creative diaper cake, sew a baby tag blanket or comforter, knit a blanket or infant cap, and make a doorknob hanger with the baby or toddler's name on it by yourself. A creative gift basket with all other gifts you bought for the baby could be another great choice too.

Thoughtfulness is what being counted for when giving gifts. Always give from your heart and your receiver will also accept with all their heart. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Review by: Xaivia Lim

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Yan Kah Luke said...

So many great and useful baby gift ideas in this post thank you.

Susan Cheah said...

Thank you for sharing! actually baby support pillows also is a good idea gift for newborn baby.....

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