07 August 2010

Webmaster Tips: Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

To submit the site maps of your website to Bing Search Engine, all your need is a Hotmail account or any other Bing accounts. Next, go to the Bing Webmaster Tools to start this valuable journey.

1. Add Site
Use the Bing Webmaster Tools to improve your site's rank across all search engines, submit your URLs, and Sitemaps to Bing, get data on which pages of your site have been indexed, and your sites performance on Bing.

2. Verify your ownership of your website
Webmaster Tools requires authentication to ensure that only the rightful owners are provided with information about their websites.

3.  Next, in order to view your status and to use the available functions of Bing Webmaster Tools, you need to install Silverlight software from Bing Webmaster Tools. Although I dislike to install software to my computer due to some security purpose, I think I should install it in order to fully experience Bing Webmaster Tools.

4. Waiting for 3 days. For newly added sites, data will begin to show within 3 days.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

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