14 August 2010

Relationship: 6 wonderful 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary is not only an ordinary milestone, but also it is a great achievement of love, loyalty, and dedication shared by two persons with one heart and one dream for fifty long years. Here are 6    suggestion to celebrate a couple's 50th anniversary:

1. Revive those oldies music
Those oldies music during the time when they were still lovers will always bring back those fun memories by playing hit music of their past.

2. Paint everything with gold
Make a celebration magical by choosing gold as your motif since 50th anniversaries are also known as golden anniversaries.

3. Surprise the couple with a video documentation
One of the heartwarming 50th anniversary ideas is a video presentation. This video presentation should includes all remarkable pictures during their fifty years from their wedding, when the first child came to being, until present.

4. Dress up for the party
Make a celebration more unique by holding a costume party if the couple is not comfortable with a formal gathering.

5. Bring in the little ones
Bringing in the little ones can make the celebration more fun and memorable.

6. Relive the past
Reliving the past such as let the couple wear their wedding attire 50 years ago, replicate the cake they once had and even the theme and setting of the venue will be a good idea to re-experience these old yet wonderful memory in their life

A 50th wedding anniversary should be as special as possible since this celebration is precious and memorable for the couple, like a gold. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Review by: Xaivier Chia

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