17 July 2010

2 Helpful Time Management Hints for Graduate Students

A Chinese saying: “An inch of gold can never compensate an inch of time.” It means that time is very valuable. Nowadays, young people especially graduate students always said that 24 hours a day is never enough. In fact, anyone in graduate school can simply catch up with all demands without getting burned out by following time management tool properly. Below are two useful time management tips for trying:

1. Employ a to-do-list
A to-do-list will remind you about daily tasks that you need to accomplish to attain your goals. It would be even better for you to have a template of to-do-list.
  • schedule a time for research daily – make a time for your research daily even for just 20 minutes.
  • practice flexibility – to cope with any unexpected thins, it is recommended that your daily tasks should comprise only 50% of your time.
  • prioritize your list – rank each item by its importance. Work from the most important down to the least important items to save time from unnecessary things.

2. Employ a calendar system
In grad school, you need to have a wider perspective when it comes to the use of your calendar. You need to have a yearly, a monthly and a weekly calendar.
  • yearly range - long term deadlines for the next two years should be incorporated into this yearly calendar. The calendar should still be divided into months for easy tracking. Conference submission, financial aid, and grant proposals are some examples of long term goals.
  • monthly range – this calendar will usually include test schedules, paper deadlines, and important appointments. It is advisable that you use an academic calendar which contains the academic year from middle of August to July.
  • weekly range - work schedules, course meeting times, due dates, study time and social schedules should be included in your weekly planner . An academic planner is highly recommended since it utilizes a weekly range of measurement. It can be reached at any book store or internet.

Time management skills is necessary to become a successful graduate school student.

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