14 July 2010

3 Major Differences between HID Lights and Halogen Lights

HID (high intensity discharge) light comprise of two electrodes. The sealed gas, which comes in the form of paste in small amounts located on the inside of the glass, is ignited with the use of sparks that are jumping over electrodes. As the paste is ignited by sparks, the HID bulbs are then filled with gas, either metal halide or xenon gas to direct the color of the light it produces.

On the other hand, Halogen lights, used Edison’s concept (positive to negative electricity flows across a filament, which is a thin, small wire and is a poor conductor of electricity). This is why as halogen bulbs produce light, much heat is also produced.

To differentiate between these two kinds of lights, let’s proceed to their difference:

1. Efficiency
HID lights are very efficient for commercial use since they produce brighter and better projected lights than halogen bulbs and thus provide accuracy in the workplace. Besides, HID bulbs are not easily affected by extreme vibration and jolting brought about by heavy equipment and other work machines thus require less bulb replacements and provide for more productivity in commercial use.

2. Cost
HID lights are more costly as compared to halogen lights because HID bulbs are complicated to manufacture and construct, while it also use a ballast (an expensive component), to control the amount of electrodes current. In contrast, Halogens don’t use ballasts at all, making it less expensive. In the long run, using HID lights is more practical and cost-saving.

3. Durability
HID lights are more durable, which makes it more popular especially in most of European cars, even though it has higher price. In fact, HID lights are used to upgrade existing driving lights, specifically the headlights since they are durable and have a longer battery life. Moreover, HID bulbs are resistant to excessive vibration even when driving at higher speeds on various road conditions.

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Review by: Xaivier Chia

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Peter Kesel said...

HID (high intensity discharge) light comprise of two electrodes.It gives better light for vehicle and every person should be use this light.

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