24 July 2010

Precaution When Using Blogger Template Designer To Enrich Your Blog

This was a horrible experience for me yesterday. After select and apply my favorite Blogger Template, I found that my Yahoo! Pipes did not show any updated in my blog!! Usually, the Yahoo! Pipes will show around 25 latest posts from Xaivier Blog from time to time.

Without any hesitation, I went and checked my Google Site via Google Webmaster Tools immediately. Again, found that my submitted links were 211 but with ZERO URLs in web index!!!!

This is impossible. I told myself. But I knew that was something wrong in the new template. Luckily, I have downloaded the old template last week. After upload the old template and wait about 20 minutes, finally, it shown 152 URLs in web index after I resubmitted my Sitemaps again.

Therefore, the lesson I have learned from this experience is, always backup the old template before changing it to a new ones. Besides that, some important code in old template might be very useful in the future if you have modified your old template to do some kind of SEO.

To sum up, always back up the old template before make any changing for it, then compare the different between the new and old templates. Last but not least, customizing the new template according to what you have did before in old template. For example, don't forget to add the tracking code of Google Analytics, otherwise Google Analytics might not provide sufficient information for you.

Hopefully, the blog will not only be enriched by the new template, but also maintain its "ability" as the old template did before. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Written by: Xaivier Chia

Note: If you make changes in your site: like changing URL structure etc, then you can expect to see a temporary drop in ranking/indexing.(link)

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